Biobehavioral Health Alumni Profile: Janine L. Pillitteri, Ph.D.

image of Janine L. Pillitteri


B.S 1990 Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. 1996 Biobehavioral Health, The Pennsylvania State University

On the Ph.D. program, in her words:

“One of the most appealing aspects of the program was its interdisciplinary focus. I was looking for a true behavioral medicine or health psychology-type program, and I found exactly that in the Biobehavioral Health program. There were other departments at other institutions nationwide that claimed to have a behavioral medicine “concentration”, but none were as focused as biobehavioral health. I was extremely impressed by the amount of exposure I had to all of the faculty within the department, as well as the opportunities to engage in research with my advisor as well as other faculty members.”

“In my opinion, a degree in biobehavioral health will provide numerous career opportunities. Based on the breadth and depth of training that I received in the program, I could have taken several different career paths, including academic, industry, and government agency positions.”

Current areas of professional interest are:

Smoking cessation research and tobacco control; clinical trial design and issues management for over-the-counter (OTC) switches

Current Position

Scientist and Director of Clinical Trials
Pinney Associates, Seattle, WA

Doctoral Thesis

Subjective effects of the first cigarette of the day

Brief description: The subjective effects of the first cigarette of the day.

Ph.D. advisor

Dr. Lynn Kozlowski