Biobehavioral Health Alumni Profile: Jay Bream, Ph.D.

Photo of Jay Bream


B.S, 1991 Exercise and Sports Science, The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., 1996 Biobehavioral Health, The Pennsylvania State University

Current Position

Assistant Professor, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Director, Becton Dickinson Immune Function Laboratory
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

On the Ph.D. program, in his words:

“At the time of BB H’s inception in 1991, the concept of an autonomous, interdisciplinary department was quite new. Although program areas that spanned several departments were becoming recognized at large universities, many thought that it would not be possible to provide multidisciplinary training in a single department. In this regard, The Department of Biobehavioral Health pioneered a new era in interdisciplinary education by recruiting a diverse faculty and structuring coursework around a various aspects of biology, behavior, and statistical methodology. Almost 15 years later, The Department of Biobehavioral Health remains a model of interdisciplinary training and research that has been embraced by other academic institutions around the globe.”

Current areas of professional interest are:

Cytokine gene regulation; comparative genomics; genetic variation and gene expression, genetic variation and disease susceptibility, transgenics, vaccine efficacy and immune monitoring

Doctoral Thesis

Interventions to aging: Immunological and cognitive responses to 16 weeks of low-intensity exercise training in older adults

Brief description: Aging, immune response, T cell, proliferation, chronic and acute exercise, cognition, intervention.

Ph.D. advisor

Dr. Joseph T. Stout