Biobehavioral Health Alumni Profile: Rachel Ceballos, Ph.D.

picture of Rachel Ceballos


B.S 1998, Psychology, California State University Long Beach
Ph.D. 2005, Biobehavioral Health, The Pennsylvania State University

Current Position

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Department of Health Services
University of Washington School of Public Health

On the Ph.D. program, in her words:

“No matter what your particular interest, a background in multi-disciplinary research is essential in the current research climate. Transdisciplinary research is now the focus of countless numbers of research organizations. Through lectures, coursework, and interactions with faculty, students are exposed to everything from genetics to epidemiology and laboratory to community-based research. A basic understanding of the language and techniques involved in each field is a skill that will facilitate successful communication with colleagues from other disciplines, enhance productivity and make you a welcome collaborator in any field”.

“The department’s faculty members are an essential resource for students. They are believers in multi-disciplinary research and are enthusiastic about interacting with students. I always felt welcome to approach any faculty member to discuss their area of study or my own research ideas and, most importantly, always perceived their genuine support of my success as student”.

Current areas of professional interest are:

Using laboratory and community based studies to examine biobehavioral mechanisms and biomarkers of cancer risk; evaluating the effect of cognitive and behavioral interventions on biomarkers of cancer risk for the purpose of cancer prevention, in particular among minority populations and women with a positive family history of breast cancer

Doctoral Thesis

Identifying Group Differences in Leptin Response to Laboratory Stressors: A Human and Animal Model

Brief description: psychoneuroimmunology, stress, leptin, cortisol, IL-6, TNF-alpha

Ph.D. Advisor:

Laura Cousino Klein, Ph.D.