Biobehavioral Health Alumni Profile: Titilayo A. Okoror, Ph.D.

picture of Titilayo A. Okoror


B.A. 2001, English, The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. 2006, Biobehavioral Health, The Pennsylvania State University

On the Ph.D. program, in her words:

I really enjoyed the program. In fact, I think the best part of program is its multi-interdisciplinary approach. I really appreciate being exposed to the various fields of research that faculties are involved with, through the courses offered. Looking back now, I’ve come to understand the twist in the saying “jack of all trades, expert of ONE.”

“The program has indeed prepared me to address health issues from any and many ways, to acknowledge the various factors that influence health, and to always remember the three ‘H’s” of a good researcher: Honest (to acknowledge not knowing everything), Hungry (to want to know) and Humble (to learn). I wear the badge of Penn State BBH with PRIDE!”

Current Position

Assistant Professor
Department of Health & Kinesiology
Purdue University

Doctoral Thesis

Effect of Enhanced HIV Counseling and Testing on Students Testing Negative for HIV/AIDS .

Brief description: The study investigated the effect of an Enhanced HIV counseling program on reducing HIV risk behaviors among students, specifically African Americans that tested negative for HIV/AIDS, and also examined socio-cultural issues that may enable/hinder risk reduction behaviors. The Enhanced counseling program was implemented using a cultural model, and comprised of skills training, self-monitoring logs, and telephone counseling support. Findings suggest that cultural Identity, sexual satisfaction and perception of body image are socio-cultural factors that influence the adoption or non-adoption of HIV risk reduction behaviors, and HIV counseling and testing session provides the opportunity to address some of these issues.

Ph.D. advisor

Dr. Collins O. Airhihenbuwa