Linda Ann Wray 

 Linda Wray

Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Contact Information

106 Biobehavioral Health Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-863-7525

Teaching Interests

Health promotion/disease prevention, health and aging.

Research Interests

Links among social environment, health, and aging; chronic disease management; health risks and middle-age.


Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1995

Selected Publications

Elman C., Wray L.A., & Xi J. (2014). Fundamental Resource Advantages, Youth Health, and Adult Educational Outcomes.
Social Science Research 43:108-126. PMID: 24267756.

Chiu, C.-J., Wray, L.A., Lu, F.-H., & Beverly, E.A. (2013). BMI Change Patterns and Disability Development of Middle-aged Adults with Diabetes: A Dual Trajectory Modeling Approach.
Journal of General Internal Medicine 28. 9: 1150-1156. PMID: 23463456.

Chiu, C.-J. & Wray, L.A. (2011). Physical disability trajectories in older Americans with and without diabetes: the role of age, gender, race/ethnicity and education.
The Gerontologist 51(1): 51-63. PMID: 20713455.

Chiu, C.-J., Wray L.A. (2011). Gender Differences in Functional Limitations in Adults Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Biobehavioral and Psychosocial Mediators.
Annals of Behavioral Medicine 41 (1): 71-82. PMID: 20827519.

Wray L.A., Alwin D.F., McCammon, R.J., Manning, T., & Best L.E. (2006). Social Status, Risky Health Behaviors, and Diabetes in Middle-Aged and Older Adults.
Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 61B:S290-S298. PMID: 17114308.

Wray L.A., Alwin D.F., & McCammon R.J. (2005). Social Status and Risky Health Behaviors: Results from the Health and Retirement Study.
Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences Spec Iss II: 85-92. PMID: 16251597.

Wray L.A., Ofstedal M.B., Langa K.M., & Blaum C.S. (2005). The Effect of Diabetes on Disability in Middle-Aged and Older Adults.
Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences 60:1206-1211. PMID: 16183964.

Blaum C.S., Ofstedal M.B., Langa K.M., & Wray L.A. (2003). Functional Status and Health Outcomes in Older Adults with Diabetes,
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 51(6):745-53. PMID: 1275559.

Wray L.A. & Blaum C.S. (2001). Explaining the Role of Sex on Disability: A Population-Based Study,
The Gerontologist 41:499-510. PMID: 11490048.

Wray L.A., Herzog A.R., Willis R.J., & Wallace R.B. (1998). The Impact of Education and Heart Attack on Smoking Cessation among Middle-Aged Adults,
Journal of Health and Social Behavior 39(4):271-294. PMID: 9919852.

Courses Taught

BBH 315 Gender and Biobehavioral Health
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Curriculum Vitae

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