Graduate Program

The graduate program in biobehavioral health is a part of Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development—the first college in the country with a combined emphasis on human development and human health. The program helps prepare you to focus on how biological, behavioral, sociocultural, and environmental variables interact to influence health in individuals as well as groups. Because health often is a product of a number of interactions, effective interventions may require combinations of biological, behavioral, sociocultural, and environmental strategies. Scholars and professionals who can bring this integrated perspective to their work are needed in research, teaching, and policy roles in a variety of settings, including the health care field, research laboratories, government agencies, universities, and medical schools.


  • Required courses, electives, and examples of student curriculum.
  • Graduate student research activity.

Graduate Student Funding

The Department of Biobehavioral Health has an excellent record of funding students who make regular progress toward their degrees. Offers of admission into the program are only made contingent upon the availability of some form of departmental support for the incoming student. (Information on Graduate Student Assistantship and Fellowships in Biobehavioral Health)

Career Opportunities

Please take a look at some BBH Alumni Profiles to learn about the careers of some of our graduates.


Applying to the Biobehavioral Health Graduate Program

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